Fethiye International Group or FIG is a group of volunteers that run a charity that raises money for the benefit of local children.

CharityIn 2003, a group of people who had adopted Fethiye as their home wanted to give something back to the community within which they now lived. A mix of foreign and Turkish residents met to discuss the possibilities and decided to do something to help the local children. In January 2004 FIG was born. Over the years FIG has grown from a weekly book swap to an active part of the community. Today’s FIG includes a Charity shop, weekly coffee mornings, regular craft fairs, other fundraising events and much more.

What does FIG stand for?

Fethiyee – first children’s charity in Fethiye

International – because our supporters come from all over the world

Group – our Goals; supporting the welfare and education of children in the Fethiye area

What do we do?

We provide:

  • books, equipment and uniforms to local schools;
  • aid to children with serious medical conditions;
  • university bursaries
  • and much more…..

How can you help?

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baslikFIG operates legally under the banner of FETAV (Fethiye Tourism, Promotion, Education, Culture and Environment Foundation)